Sustainability is a hot topic within the Design community today, with concern for the environment at arguably its greatest level ever.  At Olitek we are conscious that design of each product affects the environment, from conceptual design to delivery, and end of product life. 

"Sustainable - By Design"

At Olitek environmental best practice and sustainability principles are incorporated into each project at the design phase. 

We believe it is both our responsibility and that of manufacturers to design for long and fulfilling product life-cycles. As designers, we do our best to put forward ideas that would result in lower energy and material consumption. Just as the designer makes decisions that are responsible for manufacturing costs all the way down the production chain, we are responsible for environmental decisions at the point of conception as well.

There are many techniques for designing sustainably. Depending on product usage patterns, some are more effective than others.

·      Design using recycled materials or reused components

·      Design for disassembly

·      Design using the minimum number of different materials

·      Design using only recyclable materials

·      Design for the system that processes materials at end-of-life

·      Design for durability

·      Design for enduring product-user relationships

·      Design avoiding short-term fashions

At Olitek we consider the social and economic impact of the product – without doing this, there is no point designing for sustainability.