About Us

Purpose & Core Values

 Olitek's Core Purpose

"Engineer Key Pieces that Fit Perfectly"

Olitek's Core Values

  • We can and desire to deliver on goals
  • Competence and Reliability
  • To innovate with understanding
  • We do really care
  • Live above the line

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Our Purpose
Our Goals
Competence and Reliability
We Care
Live Above the Line

It's about having the motivation to confront challenges and find a way to a successful result


Having the skills and commitment to get the job done.


Clear identification of our goal posts and find the best way to get there through innovation


We care and are committed to doing the right thing by our company, people, customers, suppliers, environment and community.


We Do:

Take Ownership

Take Accountability

Take Responsibility

We Don’t


Make Excuses

Live in Denial