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Concept Design

At Olitek we offer first class design solutions from the initial concept stage of a project. With tools such as design risk assessment software, formalised design scope documentation and 3D modelling CAD software we can work from client's sketches, photographs, or even working prototypes where reverse engineering is required. The utilisation of our design tools enables us to make changes to the design quickly and simply as the concept develops, before analysing the results of the changes. Collisions and areas of concern can be studied and either corrected or eliminated at this stage, giving confidence that the final design will be correct.

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Concept Design
Our skilled designers are based in a manufacturing environment, this means we evaluate the reliability of material selection and manufacturing techniques as well as the product designs themselves ensuring the solution will "fit perfectly" and also be as efficient as possible to manufacture.

Our clients benefit from our manufacturing and equipment building experience from the concept design stage through to detailed workshop drawings.

Contact out team and find out how we can assist you in turning your requirements into a professional and presentable concept design fit to take to the next stage of development.