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FEA Stress Analysis

 Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is when a product or material is recreated in a digital space and then stressed in order to analyse the results.  It is used in new product development, and existing product refinement. With FEA you can ensure you create high quality products while reducing the costs of live prototypes, by simply subjecting your designs to realistic circumstances. In doing so, you eliminate redrafting and postponements and save time and development costs.

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FEA Stress Analysis

Olitek is able to verify if a proposed design will be able to perform to the client's specifications prior to manufacturing or construction.  Modifying an existing product or structure is utilized to qualify the product or structure for a new service condition.  In case of failure in service, FEA may be used to help determine the design modifications to meet the new conditions.

 Olitek have custom designed reporting templates used to give clients clear and precise feedback, we can submit these stress calculation reports at the approval stage to substantiate the designs created and to give our clients confidence that the design created will perform to their precise requirements.