Here at Olitek we are all about manufacturing. Whether you require complete machine and equipment manufacture, single component prototyping or high volume production engineering, custom fabrications, CNC machining, hydraulic, electrical, controls or process systems we can cater to your requirements.

Olitek specialises in the unique service of turnkey machinery from concept to commissioning. Olitek covers all aspects of product, equipment and machinery development including design, certification, manufacture, testing, commissioning, training & after sales service & support.

Click on our product links to see examples of Olitek designed and manufactured equipment, this equipment is a great showcase of a variety of our manufacturing services to provide a complete solution.

Our Northgate facility in Brisbane offer a long list of manufacturing services including: CNC machining, fabrication and welding, induction hardening, poly urethane moulding, investment casting supply and custom tooling, hydraulic fitting service and supply, electrical and controls systems.

Our unique ability to offer such a range of in-house manufacturing service enables us to offer our clients any number of these services as a single service or for a complete manufacturing solution.

CNC Machining

Olitek are an industry leader in Precision CNC Machining, with a strong fleet of state-of-the-art HAAS Machinery that ensures we maintain a competitive edge, particularly when coupled with our selection of CAM Software and Direct Link Data Transfer, & Sch

Induction Hardening

Olitek has extensive experience in the Induction Hardening process. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a consistently high quality end product.

Investment Casting

End to end solution for all your Investment Castings.

Polyurethane Moulding

Olitek's Polyurethane Moulding is an ideal cost effective alternative for low volume injection moulding applications.

Welding & Fabrication

Olitek is the go-to company for all your welding and fabrication needs. At Olitek, we are proud of our high quality craftsmanship, expertise and service and promise to get the job done on time.

Hydraulic Assembly, Service & Fitting

At Olitek, we can offer end to end designing, manufacturing and fitting of hydraulic services and are capable of providing Hydraulic Design as well as installation, implementation and commissioning.

Electrical & Controls

At Olitek, we have the capacity to provide specialised electrical and electronic services for our customers.

Mechanical Fitting

Olitek is a one-stop-shop for all your designing, machining, fabricating and fitting needs.