Induction Hardening

Olitek has extensive experience in the Induction Hardening process. We pride ourselves on providing customers with a consistently high quality end product.  

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Induction Hardening

The CNC controlled Induction Hardening plant & technology available at Olitek gives us the capacity to induction harden components up to 200mm in diameter at varying case depths for a range of industries. The team at Olitek are happy to work with our customers to provide Induction Hardening as a once off testing process or large production batches of 1000's of parts.

From the design of the induction hardening coil through to final tempering & testing of the component, we take control of the entire process. Extensive testing & regular machine calibration checks ensure the hardened component is of a consistently high standard, and goes beyond the technical requirements set out by the customer and industry standards.

Our State-of-the-art CNC Induction Hardening system ensures quicker turnaround and the highest quality components, for all of your hardening needs.