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4 Drum Winch

A 4 Winch, Skid-base container lock, Truck mountable design.

3 Drum Winch

A 3 Winch, Skid-base container lock, Truck mountable design.

3 Drum Break Trailer

Description of 3 Drum Break Trailer

Rail Application

Because of Olitek's unique capabilities to design, certify and manufacture, all in house, we were contracted by the leading rail company in Qld to design and manufacture four new brake assemblies for their maintenance rolling stock.

Medical Skin Care

Our client approached us to address the issues they were having with the existing plastic product in use that would keep failing in service and was costly to replace.

Fitness Industry - Syco XT

Olitek were recently approached by Gold Coast based Syco Fitness Australia who needed assistance in going from a single working prototype into full production and manufacture.

Hydraulic Industry

For over 10 years Olitek have been heavily involved in the design of Hydraulic Circuits and the production of custom Hydraulic Manifolds. Over that period Olitek have built up an extensive library of standard port designs in 3D CAD with an impressive tool

Coal Seam Gas

Due to the current lack of retrieval products available in the mining industry, mining companies have had to cause extensive damage to their testing tools in order to retrieve them, costing thousands of dollars each year. Olitek’s design engineers consult

Drilling - Floating Rotary Drive

The high cost and poor serviceability of Floating Cushion Drive Subs for drilling on the market today prompted one of our customers working in the Drilling Industry to come to us with an idea.