Well Bore Fishing Tool

 Based on customer requirements, the team at Olitek has developed a fishing tool to enable the retrieval of a coal seam testing tool that has become lodged in a test bore.

Designed, tested, certified and machined on site, Olitek’s fishing tool has been manufactured to suit specific needs. Olitek’s Well Bore Fishing Tool is machined and finished to a high standard, with each tool tested onsite before being shipped out to customers to ensure a consistently high standard of service. 


Customisable options include:

Hole Size for tool retrival:

  • NQ Hole - 76mm
  • HQ Hole - 96mm, 101mm, 136mm
  • Other - to suit individual needs

Wireline Diameter:

  • 3/16"
  • Other - to suit individual needs

Tool Attachment:

   Male API                   Female API             Spigot - Weld on




Olitek also designs and manufactures fish heads and testing tools.

For more information, or to request a quote for a customised Olitek Fishing Tool, please email to sales@olitek.com.au, or download the Fishing Tool Product  Information Sheet.