8m Loader

  • 20', 40' & 51' Shipping Container Loader
  • 28T Lifting Capacity
  • 12m L x 2.4m W Load Size
  • Less Than 10 Minute Load / Unload
  • Automatic Steering - Load 20mm From Container Wall
  • Any Load - Timber, Plasterboard, Steel, Pallets, Logs & Sleepers, Platforms
  • The benchmark in container loading efficiency and safety


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What is the TyneLoader?

The TyneLoader loader is the perfect solution for safe, cost effective and damage free single shot container loading. Superior compared to other methods, the TyneLoader utilizes the full volume of the shipping container reducing high costs associated with loading time, product damage during loading and unloading and safety risks.

The TyneLoader loader is the industry leader in efficiency and safety for depositing long loads into shipping containers. Long products such as posts, steel lengths, plasterobard, sleepers and logs can be safely and effortlessly loaded and shipped in 20’, 40’ or 51’ containers using the TyneLoader loading system.

The TyneLoader is operated by a single forklift and driver. The on board hydraulic lifting and positioning sensing system enables the load to be accurately positioned within the container without the operator ever entering the container. This system enables a maximum 28T load (up to 15m long and 2.4m wide) to be packed into the container in less than 10 minutes and by one operator. Click on the Gallery so see examples of the TyneLoader Container Loader system.