The TyneLoader Platform set provides an off the shelf solution with no additional infrastructure requirements to insure the load is at the same height as the container floor. The platform has a hinged flap on the container end, which is folded down to allow the TyneLoader to roll smoothly from the platform to the container floor with a minimal amount of force.


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Main features of the TyneLoader Platform include:

  • Supports the TyneLoader and load with clear designated correct loading areas
  • Elevates the TyneLoader to the level of the container floor
  • Provides steering guidence to ensure the load is centralised before loading the container
  • Enables minimal setup for a complete loading soltion

 This flap must be folded up when placing or removing the container. There are feeder brackets attached to outsides of the platform at the container end. These are to align the container to the platform when placing the container.