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The DynoMiner is a machine used in underground metal mining applications. The machine is designed to mix and deliver ammonium nitrate along with other specific trace chemicals in ratios set by the operator to manufacture an explosive mixture used for the controlled blasting of rock for tunnelling or ore body for production in underground mining.

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What is the DynoMiner

The DynoMiner mixes and precisely delivers ammonium nitrate with other trace chemicals to produce a controlled volatility explosive before immediately injecting the mixture into pre-drilled holes for precise tunnelling in underground mining. The machine also has an “up hole” ore body charging function that allows this programmable controlled mixture to be pumped into production ore body for production mining.

The benefits of the DynoMiner include the safe transport of ammonium nitrate & trace chemicals and manufacturing the explosive mix as it is injected into the bore holes making the machine much safer than pre manufactured explosive products.

Because the explosive is manufactured immediately before it is injected into the bore hole, the volatility of the explosive mix can be precisely controlled to give very controlled blasts and precise tunnelling ability, the inefficiency of “over blast” is significantly reduced hence reducing overall cost for mine operators.

The DynoMiner allows both tunnelling and production underground mining in one simple machine that has had design focus around safety, reliability and ease of operator use.