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Our shipping and logistics solutions include world-first innovations that help customers comply with legislative requirements while also being efficient and simple.

Innovating for Efficiency

We strive to deliver only the most efficient equipment for the time-conscious industry that is shipping and logistics. Because of our dedication to continuous product improvement, with every product build we look out for areas where efficiency can be further applied. This results in more productive machines that overcome operational challenges and improve overall efficiency.


The TyneLoader series is a container stuffing and de-stuffing system that ensures single-shot, maximum-capacity loading and unloading of cargo into shipping containers. Irregular shaped cargos that were previously costly and difficult to ship through shipping containers has been made possible by the TyneLoader family of products.
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Conweigh is a one-stop container weight verification solution that help exporters and transporters verify their shipping containers' weights in under 5 minutes to comply with the IMO/SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) law and Australia's HVNL Container Weight Declaration (CWD) requirement. 
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Mining Machines

Providing turnkey solutions to the mining industry that increase personnel safety and overall efficiency.
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Electrical Machines

Our unique and problem-targeting solutions have serviced the Electrical industry for years.
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