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Shipping container weighing on site, on demand, and on time

What is Conweigh?

Conweigh is an all-in-one mobile weighing solution for shipping containers and heavy machinery. Conweigh was originally developed to help exporters and logistics companies weigh various types of ocean containers and generate weight certificates required by the IMO/SOLAS VGM (Verified Gross Mass) and the NHVR CWD (Container Weight Declaration) laws. With its flexible design, the Conweigh solution has grown to accommodate weighing heavy machinery and other irregularly-shaped cargo for various needs and requirements.

Conweigh is pioneering an optimised weighing process that removes unnecessary steps without sacrificing safety procedures, accuracy, and convenience.

Weighing Equipment

Conweigh's container weighing equipment, the conWEIGHr, is NMI Trade Approved, OIML Certified, and NRCS Approved.

Custom Software

Secure and convenient application that customers access anytime and anywhere online or through a mobile app.

Weight Certificate

Conweigh weight certificates are generated electronically and instantly after weighing, and are both SOLAS- and NHVR-compliant.

Ways to Access

Conweigh is available on-demand, or through the Pay As You Weigh, Rent, or Purchase options.
Learn more at conweigh.net

Conweigh Mobile Deck

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