Meet the Team

Our Engineering team hails from various disciplines including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Controls Engineering, Software Engineering, Project Engineering and Project Management. With experience in various fields including but not limited to: Petrochemical and Material Handling, Race Engineering, Traffic Infrastructure, Hydraulic Design, Mechatronic Systems and Mining Equipment.

Our CNC Workshop Team has an enviable wealth of knowledge of the latest machining techniques, along with a depth of experience and meticulous attention to detail. This along with our second to none Program Management Software, and extensive Machinery and Tooling stock, makes for one of the most efficient CNC Workshops around.

Our Fabrication Team is excellently skilled in variety of fabrication and welding disciplines and has extensive experience in a variety of materials and industries. Our team carries out welding and fabrication which services large commercial projects, production robotic repetition work, mobile equipment fabrication or one off jobbing style work.

Our Fitting & Service team is comprised of trained and qualified mechanical, hydraulic and electrical fitters. Their knowledge in project and machinery build is extensive and the team has worked together for more than 10 years building and servicing equipment for mining, construction, rail, defence, waste disposal and logistics industries.

Our Administration, Accounts, Technical Sales and Supporting Staff are kept up to date on all aspects associated with running the Company in today’s competitive market. The team is regularly trained on our evolving business automation software.