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Design Capabilities

With an experienced team of engineers and designers, we can assist in any part of the product, equipment or project realization process, from initial concept to final commissioning and training or production design for high-volume marketing. Our design team consist of qualified Mechanical, Fluid Power, Electrical, Controls and PLC, and Software and Application engineers.

The range of in-house design services available enables us to offer clients in varied industries any number of these for complete design solutions. See below for a detailed insight into the design processes we undertake at Olitek.

IS Placement

Enables Safe IS placement into open cut blast holes, keeping the operator safe from a hazardous work environment.
In Development

Emulsion Charge Unit

Mixes and injects explosive mixture into pre-drilled holes for precise tunnelling in underground mining.
The ECU   »

Temperature Monitoring Unit

Allowing geothermal technicians to simultaneously measure and record temperature, water level and depth from the safety of a vehicle cabin.
The TMU   »


Efficient and safe full-capacity loading of cargo into shipping containers.


All-in-one container weighing solution that simplifies weight verification and compliance with IMO/SOLAS and NHVR container weight laws.
Conweigh   »

Concept Design

We offer first-class design solutions starting at specification and concepts. Our methods utilize 3D computer-aided design software to ensure an efficient and clear concept design for clients.

Mechanical Design

Our designers use the latest 2D and 3D CAD software to produce mechanical system designs including machine structures, process and pumping systems, mechanical linkages, and translation and rotating devices from single component to complete machine design.

FEA Stress Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is when a product or material is recreated in a digital space and then stressed in order to analyse the results.

Hydraulic Design

Fluid Power and Hydraulic Design including circuit, system, custom manifolds and components ready for manufacture.

Electrical Design

Electrical systems design, circuit drawing, component specification, custom control cabinets and switch boards. 12V DC to 415V AC Systems for a range of industries and applications.

PLC & Controls Design

Basic or Advanced Machine Controls, User-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) Layout, Touch Screen or Manual Controls. Advanced Functions such as Wireless Communication and Telemetry Control, Recipe Controls, and Data Exports.

Design Certification

Olitek certify to RPEQ and CPEng standards with qualified engineers servicing a variety of key industries within Asia Pacific.

Risk Assessment

At Olitek we are able to create a virtual simulation of a product to determine structural integrity and dependability. By stressing the virtual simulation using FEA software, we are able to identify risk factors that may arise post-production.

Manuals and Documents

Clean and comprehensive user manuals for each bespoke machinery.
Our unique ability to offer a range of in-house manufacturing services enables us to offer these to our clients as a single service or for a complete manufacturing solution.
Manufacturing Services
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