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Why do you like working at Olitek?

Engineering Team

  • "At Olitek, there are many new and exciting projects being developed and there are many opportunities to learn new skills. Every time we engineer custom machinery that exceed client expectations, it is rewarding to see the impact these have on the sites they are deployed to. The mine sites are safer as a result of Olitek's mining equipment."
    Mechanical Engineer
  • "Olitek finds engineering solutions that make any industry safer and more efficient. With this, they provide their teams with the engineering sources that cover a broad area of expertise needed to meet client requirements and exceed expectations. The team has this perserverance to overcome engineering challenges."
    Mechanical Designer
  • "It is always rewarding to see our products make a positive improvement to the workspace of the people that use them. For example, the positive difference that the TMU (Temperature Monitoring Unit) has made at the Lihir site."
    Senior Mechanical Designer

CNC Workshop & Stores Team

  • "Though it is a challenging and technical place to work, it has a flexible and relaxed atmosphere at the same time."
    CNC Machinist
  • "Olitek designs and manufactures bespoke machinery to meet customer requirements, so there is always an amount of variety and fresh, interesting projects going on."
    Production Improvement Engineer
  • "The people here are good, friendly, helpful and do work together. I appreciate being able to support the team and assist with maximising their efficiency."

Fabrication Team

  • "The entire team has the 'Can do' attitude: find the solution, not dwell on the problem. Olitek provides an interesting workplace with great variety of work and challenges. I’ve been able to develop and grow my skill set outside of my normal roll to be more dynamic with my workloads and project delivery."
    Electrical Fabrication

Fitting & Service Team

  • "Olitek is a highly technical working environment, but the team is also composed of highly skilled operators and innovative problem solvers who are empowered to overcome complex, technical challenges with novel, innovative solutions."
    Operations Manager

Software Team

  • "The team has a genuine interest in the work they are doing. Everyone is friendly, open to new ways of doing things, listens to each other but will also offer advice that they feel is important. When I used Generics and Reflection, and within a few hours solved the issue about the different date formats used across the system, was perhaps the biggest win I have had while working here."
    Software Developer

Administration Team

  • "The opportunity to take on other important roles and then having the support to succeed in those new roles is what I appreciate the most at Olitek. It has a positive team environment where management empowers staff to succeed in their role."
    Accounts Manager
  • "The team is like a close-knit family. Aside from being knowledgable, the people are supportive, approachable, friendly, and always willing to help. Being a part of such a team during the implementation of new accounting software made the transition easier and more rewarding."
    Office Manager

Over 25 years of problem solving through engineering.

About Olitek
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