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AN Tipper

Amonia Nitrate dispensing system

What is the AN Tipper?

The AN Tippers are a frame set and control system to allow the dispensing of Ammonia Nitrate (AN) Prill from a storage container to a tubeveyor / auger to be dispensed into a truck. This system is designed to provide and allow safe operation for loading, securing, tipping and vibrating one of two loaded containers at a time.

The Project

Our client approached us requiring an improvement in the power supply, controls and overall safety of an AN Prill dispensing work platform through the implementation of an advanced hydraulic and electrical control system.

Through careful risk assessment and design, Olitek exceeded client expectations in the delivery of this set of AN Tipping Frames control package and power unit.


The AN tippers are hydraulically driven by a 62kW diesel powered hydraulic power source designed and manufactured by Olitek. The specifications include full fluid bunding, E-Stops and safety interlocks integrated between the tipping controls and hydraulic power unit.

The controls comprise of 2 easy to use operator control consoles (one for each tipper) that allow the safe control of 4 functions.

  1. Tipping,
  2. Container Vibration to dislodge sticky prill
  3. Auger start/stop and direction
  4. Container lock down control and monitoring

The system has been designed with interlocks to ensure the equipment cannot put the operator or equipment in danger due to incorrect functions being operated at the wrong time.

Operational Functions

  1. The ability to raise/lower a shipping container filled with AN for the purpose of pouring AN from the container into a tubeveyor / auger.
  2. Vibrate the tipping frame & container to ensure the smooth flow of AN.
  3. The ability to operate the auger in a continually forward motion to propel the AN into a tubeveyor / auger from each container or reverse direction momentarily for any blockages.
  4. Safety indications such as Tipper Home Position and Tipper Clamped indication.
  5. Safety interlocks such as raise/lower interlocks based upon clamping.
  6. Key safety systems such as an emergency stop shutdown and an operator dead-man switch.

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