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product support

Commissioning and Training

International and national product delivery and customer service

Complete turnkey solutions

Providing responsive customer care is our utmost commitment. Included in our local and international product delivery is a full package of commissioning, training, and field support needed by our customers to operate their new bespoke machine.


We help our customers ensure their new bespoke equipment is correctly installed, tested, operated, and maintained on site. 

We assist with site commissioning to verify that the new machine fully integrates into the customer's operations and delivers its functions.

Training & Documentation

Olitek conducts all necessary operational and theoretical training required for all assigned equipment personnel. 

We supply completion certificates to recognise authority to operate the new equipment.

Complete Field Support

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance for all our operational equipment. 

Our maintenance schemes are strictly observed to ensure equipment effectiveness and longevity.

Post-Production Care

Our dedication to continuous product improvement allows us to make our existing products better for our customers. 

As customer and industry needs change, we also strive to upgrade our machines to respond to new challenges.

Over 20 years of engineering key pieces that fit perfectly

Olitek celebrates 25 years in business, servicing various industries to tackle unique problems through research, design, and expert manufacturing.
About Olitek
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