Providing turnkey solutions to the mining industry that increase personnel safety and overall efficiency.

Innovating for Safety

At Olitek, we pride ourselves in helping the mining industry lead the advocacy of workplace health and safety through our equipment and services. We endeavor to produce only relevant machines that significantly improve operational safety and become valuable additions to our customers' toolbox.

Research and Development

We work closely with our clients to examine their challenge statement, current tools, and ideal solutions.


Our in-house design team strive to only design streamlined solutions that carve off as many unnecessary steps and materials as possible.

Manufacturing and Fitting

We observe safety in every step of the way—especially during the manufacturing and fitting stage.

Our Mining Machines

AN Tipper

The AN Tippers are a frame set and control system to allow the dispensing of Ammonia Nitrate (AN) Prill from a storage container to a tubeveyor / auger to be dispensed into a truck. This system is designed to provide safe operation for loading, securing, tipping and vibrating one of two loaded containers at a time.

Emulsion Charge Unit

The Emulsion Charge Unit is a machine used in underground metal mining applications. The machine is designed to mix and deliver ammonium nitrate along with other specific trace chemicals in ratios set by the operator to manufacture an explosive mixture used for the controlled blasting of rock for tunnelling or ore body for production in underground mining.
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Temperature Monitoring Unit

The Temperature Monitoring Unit (TMU) is a temperature probe deployment which allows operators to measure the temperature within drill holes, whilst remaining within the confines of the vehicle cabin.
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