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About us

Founded in 1994 in Mackay, Queensland, Olitek is an Australian-owned engineering company providing the complete R&D, design, manufacturing, and commissioning process to clients throughout Australasia. Our core purpose is clear and simple: to Engineer Key Pieces that Fit Perfectly.
Olitek has built a strong reputation as a reliable, capable,  and innovative company able to provide a variety of engineering services including complete solution equipment manufacturing, commissioning, training and post-sales support.

Our team supporting these engineering services comprises of qualified mechanical, electrical, controls, and software engineers; mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical fitters; CNC machinists, tool makers, boiler makers, and fabricators, backed by a trained and competent administration team.

Our designers are equipped with the latest 2D & 3D CAD & CAM software to allow seamless transition from concept to manufacture throughout a product’s life cycle. At Olitek, our focus is on computer-aided and automated design and manufacturing to ensure efficiency, repeatability, and reliability.
Our systems and software have been tailored to ensure single-point entry for accuracy and efficiency from first point of contact to final delivery of the component, equipment, design or project. Our software suites are completely integrated to allow seamless transition between departments and project stages including our customer relationship management, quoting, manufacturing resource planning and scheduling, purchasing, time recording, and corrective action.

ISO 9001 quality approved for 10 consecutive years

Our quality management system is inbuilt to the way our day to day business operates. Externally audited to ISO 9001, we meet and exceed the recommendations set in the standard. Our business management software is written to seamlessly run our business while exceeding the ISO 9001 standards.
Safety is our focus in all aspects of our operations; our safety policy is also our culture whether it be in the office, workshop, or onsite.

Our Core Purpose and Values

Desire to Deliver on Goals

It's about having the motivation to confront challenges and find a way to a successful result

Innovation with Understanding

Clear identification of our goal posts and find the best way to get there through innovation

Live Above the Line

We Do: Take Ownership, Take Accountability, Take Responsibility
We Don’t: Blame, Make Excuses, Live in Denial

Competence and Reliability

Having the skills and commitment to get the job done


We care and are committed to doing the right thing by our company, people, customers, suppliers, environment and community

25 years of engineering key pieces that fit perfectly

Olitek celebrates 25 years in business, servicing various industries to tackle unique problems through research, design, and expert manufacturing.

Our Engineering Team

hails from various disciplines including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Controls Engineering, Software Engineering, Project Engineering and Project Management. With experience in various fields including but not limited to: Petrochemical and Material Handling, Race Engineering, Traffic Infrastructure, Hydraulic Design, Mechatronic Systems and Mining Equipment.

Our CNC Workshop Team

has an enviable wealth of knowledge of the latest machining techniques, along with in-depth experience and meticulous attention to detail. This, along with our second to none Program Management Software, and extensive Machinery and Tooling stock, makes for one of the most efficient CNC Workshops around.

Our Fabrication Team

is excellently skilled in a variety of fabrication and welding disciplines and has extensive experience in a variety of materials and industries. Our team carries out welding and fabrication which services large commercial projects, production robotic repetition work, mobile equipment fabrication or one off jobbing style work.

Our Fitting and Service Team

is comprised of trained and qualified mechanical, hydraulic and electrical fitters. Their knowledge in project and machinery build is extensive and the team has worked together for more than 10 years building and servicing equipment for mining, construction, rail, defence, waste disposal and logistics industries.

We are looking for great people for great roles.

Learn more about the team and what it's like to work at Olitek.
Careers at Olitek

Field Support and Commissioning

Olitek is a true turnkey solutions provider nationally and internationally, committed to providing responsive customer care and in offering full solutions — not just building machines.
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Sustainable by Design

At Olitek, we are conscious that the design of each product affects the environment, from conceptual design to delivery, and end of product life. Our environmental best practice and sustainability principles are incorporated into each project at the design phase.

We believe it is both our responsibility and that of manufacturers to design for long and fulfilling product life cycles. As designers, we do our best to put forward ideas that would result in lower energy and material consumption. Just as the designer makes decisions that are responsible for manufacturing costs all the way down the production chain, we are responsible for environmental decisions at the point of conception as well.
  • Design using recycled materials or reused components
  • Design for disassembly
  • Design using the minimum number of different materials
  • Design using only recyclable materials
  • Design for the system that processes materials at end-of-life
  • Design for durability
  • Design for enduring product-user relationships
  • Design avoiding short-term fashions
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