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A 3 Winch, Skid-base container lock, Truck mountable design. A highly portable system which gives high site availability and improved ease of maintenance.

What is the WirePilot?

The Olitek WirePilot series machines are an improved winch wire and rope recovery system featuring variable speed control to increase user control and productivity as well as improved functionality for site safety. This system is also designed to give high recovery rates for low line tension if desired, improving productivity rates for field staff.

3-Drum Winch

A 3-winch, truck-mountable design with a skid-based container lock. A highly portable system which gives high site availability and improved ease of maintenance.

3-Drum Brake Trailer

The WirePilot 3-Drum braking trailer has been specifically designed to enable controlled hydro-static braking of conductor.

4-Drum Winch

A 4-winch solid-mount truck tray design. Space-efficient to increase operator comfort and safety. Integrated design for energy savings and transport economy.


Dimensions and Mounting
Standard 20' Container Footprint

Top Lift and Forklift

Drum Sizes
1000mm OD x 520mm Standard = 3.5km 8mm Rope

Drum Style
Split drums for recovery & rope drums for new conductor runs

Free Wheel Drums
Free wheel winch drums without engine running

Operator Access
2 x Fold away operator access ladders


Max. Line Tension
35 kN

# Drums @ Max Line Pull
3 Drums achieve max. pull simultaneously

Max. Line Speed

Integrated Braking
Ability to integrate and synchronise with WirePilot Hydrostatic Conductor brake for single

Remote Repeater
Remote tension control of WirePilot for distances 2.5km + Enabling non line site of operationand control of the Hydrostatic brake

Winching Control

Operator Display & Control
- Touch screen display for tension readout and limit set
- Data log backup to USB
- System alarms and system health & service requirement notifications
- Secure operator login

Winch Tension Readout and Limit
Operator controlled individual line tension readout and operator limit set (kN)

Overall Tension Readoutand Limit
Operator controlled overall tension limit (sum of all tensions)
*Critical for vehicle stability

Line Speed Limit
Operator controlled individual line speed readout and limit

Line Distance Readout
Display on operator screen that can be reset at the start of a line run

Line Distance Log
Display with daily, weekly and monthly logs/ totals per drum and total for all drums

Data Logging
Tension data log - USB transfer of 7 days continuous winching

High / Low Range
2 speed winching for high speed recovery or high torque precise control for tensioning

Single Joystick Control
1 Joystick to control 1, 2 or 3 Drums and fairlead override

Automatic Fairlead
Automatic adjustable layering onto drum with manual override (Operator control from joystick)

Engine Hydraulics

Fuel tank – Full capacity bunding of fuel tank protecting the environment and assets
Hydraulic Reservoir – Full capacity bunding of hydraulic tank
Engine Fluids – All engines bunded protecting the environment and assets

Operator Comfort

Sound Insulation
Insulated operator cabin & insulated diesel engine closure

Tinted Screens
Tinted UV Resistant Perspex Windows & Screen

- Up to 6 x Adjustable Work Lights
- Up to 2 x Adjustable Spot Light
- Cabin Interior Lights & Operator Console Lights


4 Positions (Operator Console & All Entry / Exit Points)

Electronic Guards
5 Guard System - Operator doors, Entry Gates & Operator Foot Switch protecting operators and bystanders

Operator Foot Switch
No Hydraulic Pressure available unless all guards are closed & Operator Foot Switch engaged

Handrails & Perimeter Guarding for Operator Safety

Negative Brake
- Failsafe (Pilot to release) redundant brake
- Dual System - Hydraulic Lock + Mechanical Braking (Fail safe) System

Customised Risk Assessment
- With client on operation and maintenance of the unit
- Published according to AS/NZS 4360 & distributed with the operation manual

Secure login for up to 10 operators


Operator Training
Operation Training & VOC for up to 6 operators with Competency Based Assessment

Standards and Compliance

AS 4024
Safety of Machinery

AS 60204.1
Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - General requirements

AS 3990
Mechanical equipment – Steelwork

AS 1418.1
Cranes, hoists and winches - General requirements

AS 2671
Hydraulic fluid power - General requirements for systems

AS 1657
Platforms, Walkways, Stairways & Ladders

AS 2700-2011
Colour Standards for general purposes

AS/NZS 2312-2002
Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by protective coatings

AS 4506-2005
Metal Finishing - Thermoset powder coatings

AS/NZS 1554.1-2011
Structural steel welding - Welding of steel structures

AS/NZS 4680:2006
Hot Dip Galvanized (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles

AS/NZS 4680:2007
Hot Dip Galvanized (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles

Guideline For Mobile and Transportable Equipment for Use in Mines


Efficient installation and maintenance of road signs and signals
See Rotopost

AN Tipper

Amonia Nitrate dispensing system for use in mining
See AN Tipper
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