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Efficient and safe full-capacity loading of cargo into shipping containers

The TyneLoader Loading System

Expand your shipping capabilities with the TyneLoader

Ship products previously non-feasible for containerised transport
  • Enable transportation of long, large and heavy cargo in shipping containers

  • Eliminate the risk of damage to goods during loading and unloading
  • Increase freight throughput and efficiency by reducing the loading and unloading cycle times

  • Reduce labour costs of loading and unloading
  • Maximise loading volume through external load formation

  • Eliminate unsafe container stuffing processes

Single-shot, maximum capacity container loader

  • Load 20mm from container wall
  • 28T lifting capacity
  • Up to 15m long and 2.2m maximum width loads (approx.)
  • Suits 20' 40' and 51' shipping containers
  • Automatic self-guiding steering and remote manual steering
The TyneLoader container loading and unloading system is a unique yet simple solution allowing efficient and safe cargo stuffing and de-stuffing into standard shipping containers to maximum packing density.

In a single shot, products such as plasterboard, timber, steel or any type of long, heavy, awkward, fragile and delicate freight—can be loaded and then unloaded safely and damage-free.

Automatic, self-steering technology

The TyneLoader is operated by a single forklift (minimum of 3.0T) and driver and comes with a remote control.

The onboard hydraulic lifting and automatic steering and sensing system enables the load to be accurately positioned within the container without the operator ever entering the container.

This system enables a maximum 28T load (up to 15m long and 2.2m wide) to be packed into the container in less than 10 minutes and by one operator.

Safer, faster, and cost-effective operation

  1. No personnel entering the container for loading or unloading
  2. Single operator control for entire loading process
  3. Reduced damage to cargo from automated loading and reduced handling
  4. Increased loaded / unloaded boxes per day. A container loaded / unloaded in less than 10 minutes from landed to cleared when following recommended systems
  5. Freight previously classed as too expensive or impossible to be shipped via standard shipping containers has been made viable with the TyneLoader container loading system.

6-metre TyneLoader

The standard 6-metre TyneLoader suits 20-foot, general length shipping containers and freight.

12-metre TyneLoader

The TyneLoader comes in a 12-metre variant to suit 40-foot and longer container lengths and products.

TyneLoader Platforms

Depending on your site requirements, the TyneLoader can be complimented with the portable platform to enable you to move your TyneLoader and container stuffing area when required.

The TyneLoader platform aligns loads with the container floor and comes as an optional accessory in the appropriate length matching your TyneLoader.

  • Supports the TyneLoader and load with clear designated correct loading areas
  • Elevates the TyneLoader to the level of the container floor
  • Provides steering guidance to ensure the load is centralised before loading the container
  • Enables minimal setup for a complete loading solution

TyneLoader over the years

The TyneLoader was developed in 2005 to provide product manufacturers and transporters a damage-free and injury-free way to load fragile cargo into shipping containers.

Originally called Tynecat, the product was rebranded TyneLoader in 2017 and then further refreshed with a new logo in 2022. The renewed brand carries the same promise of engineering quality and customer service delivered over the years. 

TyneLoader continues to aim to be the benchmark in container loading efficiency and safety.

Boost your shipping operations with the TyneLoader.

Consult Olitek today at info@olitek.com.au or call +61 7 3260 5390 (Australia).

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