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Efficient and safe full-capacity loading of cargo into shipping containers

What is the TyneLoader?

The TyneLoader container stuffing and de-stuffing system is a unique yet simple solution allowing efficient and safe cargo stuffing and de-stuffing into standard shipping containers to maximum capacity for any type of freight including long, heavy, awkward shapes, fragile and delicate. Freight previously not possible or feasible to be shipped via standard shipping containers has been made viable with the TyneLoader Loading System.


TyneLoader loaders come in 8m, 12m and 15m to suit different container types and sizes.


The TyneLoader platforms enable minimum setup time and cost for a complete container loading solution.


The TyneLoader Rotator is a machine designed to rotate a load to increase the product packed into a shipping container.

Rotator Stackers

TyneLoader Rotator Stackers are used in conjunction with the TyneLoader Container Loader and enables ease of bulk loading.

Benefits of the TyneLoader


  • No personnel entering the container for loading or unloading
  • All personnel clear at a safe distance of moving load during loading
  • Single operator control for entire loading process

Increased Possibilities:

  • Cargo that has previously been classed as too expensive or not possible to ship in containerised form such as long products is possible with TyneLoader loading system.


  • Reduced damage to cargo from reduced handling & automated loading
  • Increased loaded / unloaded boxes per day. A container loaded / unloaded in less than 10 minutes from landed to cleared when following recommended systems
  • Maximised container volume due to the ability to load the container within 25mm of each wall
  • Reduced operator costs


The TyneLoader loader is the perfect solution for safe, cost effective and damage free single shot container loading. Superior compared to other methods, the TyneLoader utilizes the full volume of the shipping container reducing high costs associated with loading time, product damage during loading and unloading and safety risks.

The TyneLoader loader is the industry leader in efficiency and safety for depositing long loads into shipping containers. Long products such as posts, steel lengths, plasterboard, sleepers and logs can be safely and effortlessly loaded and shipped in 20’, 40’ or 51’ containers using the TyneLoader loading system.

8m, 12m and 15m Loaders

  • 20', 40' & 51' Shipping Container Loader
  • 28T Lifting Capacity
  • 12m L x 2.4m W Load Size
  • Less Than 10 Minute Load / Unload
  • Automatic Steering - Load 20mm From Container Wall
  • Any Load - Timber, Plasterboard, Steel, Pallets, Logs & Sleepers, Platforms
  • The benchmark in container loading efficiency and safety
The TyneLoader is operated by a single forklift and driver. The onboard hydraulic lifting and positioning sensing system enables the load to be accurately positioned within the container without the operator ever entering the container. This system enables a maximum 28T load (up to 15m long and 2.4m wide) to be packed into the container in less than 10 minutes and by one operator.


The TyneLoader Platform set provides an off the shelf solution with no additional infrastructure requirements to insure the load is at the same height as the container floor. The platform has a hinged flap on the container end, which is folded down to allow the TyneLoader to roll smoothly from the platform to the container floor with a minimal amount of force.

Main features of the TyneLoader Platform include:

  • Supports the TyneLoader and load with clear designated correct loading areas
  • Elevates the TyneLoader to the level of the container floor
  • Provides steering guidance to ensure the load is centralised before loading the container
  • Enables minimal setup for a complete loading solution

This flap must be folded up when placing or removing the container. There are feeder brackets attached to outsides of the platform at the container end. These are to align the container to the platform when placing the container.


The TyneLoader rotator is designed to rotate from the horizontal to the vertical position, place a load onto a loading platform, and assemble a master pack to be loaded with the TyneLoader loading system into a shipping container. This machine is also designed to unload using the reverse process.

Loading the horizontal pack is done with your suitable forklift with a minimum capacity of 5 tonne. The pack is then clamped and rotated to the vertical position. The vertical pack is then traversed in over the loading platform and lowered onto stillages (purpose built pallets). Other horizontal packs are then loaded against this vertical pack and strapped to create the master pack. The Rotator is then traversed out from under the vertical pack and back to the starting position for the next load.

Rotator Stackers

The TyneLoader Rotator Stacker would usually used in conjuction with the TyneLoader Container Loader and enables ease of bulk loading.

Operated by standard forklifts the TyneLoader Rotator Stacker can be easily used in factory, warehouse or dockside operation.

The Rotator Stacker is used to maximise container volume utilised by rotating product and stacking directly onto the TyneLoader loading platform. This machine requires only a single operator to rotate from horizontal to vertical positions and vice versa.

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