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Research & Development

We work closely with our clients to examine their challenge statement, current tools, and ideal solutions.


One of the major goals of our development and testing phase is equipment de-risking.

Before completion, every piece of bespoke machinery we build undergoes a necessary number of de-risking stages. We build test rigs and closely monitor these rigs to examine and then improve key processes and components.

Our systemised concept testing ensures that every build is a successful one.

RRA Funding

An important part of the Government's commitment to Research and Development (R&D) is facilitating access by small and medium sized companies to expert R&D services, particularly those residing in public sector research organisations.

The Industry Research and Development Act 1986 provides for the establishment of Registered Research Agencies (RRAs). A RRA is an organisation approved by Innovation Australia which is capable of performing contracted R&D, in one or more classes of research activity, on behalf of eligible companies, or through a group of companies who have entered into a collaborative arrangement.

Olitek is accredited and registered as an RRA for the purpose of performing "contracted" R&D to eligible companies claiming the R&D tax concession under Section 73B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936.
The advantages of dealing with Olitek as a RRA are:

1. Expenditure for Australian R&D work contracted to an RRA, within approved classes of activity, is eligible for the full concession in the year of income, irrespective of the annual R&D expenditure of the claimant; that is the normal annual expenditure threshold of $20,000 is waived.

2. Prepayments for contracted Australian R&D may be claimed by companies up to twelve months in advance of the work being carried out.

3. Small and medium-sized firms are able to undertake R&D programs without having to invest in costly R&D equipment and expertise.

For more information on the scheme: www.ato.gov.au/randd
In collaboration with our clients, our in-house design team strive to only design streamlined solutions that carve off as many unnecessary steps and materials as possible.
Design Capabilities
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