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Our unique and problem-targeting solutions have serviced the Electrical industry for years.

Innovating for Productivity

We want our customers to accomplish more. With the use of our bespoke Electrical products, we help our customers become model innovators and leaders of process improvement in their industry.


The WirePilot series machines are an improved winch wire and rope recovery system featuring variable speed control to increase user control and productivity as well as improved functionality for site safety. This system is also designed to give high recovery rates for low line tension if desired, improving productivity rates for field staff.
The WirePilot Series


The Rotopost is an efficient road signs and signals mechanism comprised of a column with a rotating outreach arm. This mechanism allows repairs to be made without requiring night work and lane closures on busy roads.
The Rotopost Series

Mining Machines

Providing turnkey solutions to the mining industry that increase personnel safety and overall efficiency.
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Shipping Machines

Our shipping and logistics solutions include world-first innovations that help customers comply with legislative requirements while also being efficient and simple.
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