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Over 25 years of problem solving through engineering.

Our diverse experience in various engineering disciplines and technology enables us to identify obstacles and areas of improvement, devise new solutions, and deliver industry-first machines that precisely address industry-wide challenges.

If you can't find the right machinery for your unique projects, Olitek can design and build it for you.
We work closely with our clients to examine their challenge statement, current tools, and ideal solutions. We ensure every build undergoes systemised concept testing and de-risking.
Research & Development
In collaboration with our clients, our in-house design team strive to only design streamlined solutions that carve off as many unnecessary steps and materials as possible.
Design Capabilities
Our unique ability to offer a range of in-house manufacturing services enables us to offer these to our clients as a single service or for a complete manufacturing solution.
Manufacturing Capabilities

OzVader Ventilators

Emergency use pandemic ventilators for global medical disasters
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Dynamic charging technology for heavy duty battery electric mining vehicles 
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Efficiency in cargo weighing, packing, and loading into shipping containers
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Mechanised Mining

Olitek Mining Robotics is the mining industry arm of Olitek where we design, develop, produce, deliver and support robotic engineering solutions that enable a safer and more productive mining industry. We build upon Olitek’s over 25 years of experience in working with mining and various other industries.

Safer, smarter, faster. This is mining with OMR.


For advanced measuring and recording of the temperature and water level within drill holes, while the operator remains safe inside the cabin.


Automatically collect samples from drill holes to determine the potential mineral content.


Enables safe IS placement into open cut blast holes, keeping the operator safe from a hazardous work environment.
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Efficient installation and maintenance of road signs and signals through a special rotating outreach arm mechanism.


Improved winch wire and rope recovery system featuring variable speed control to improve user control, productivity and functionality for site safety.

Induction Hardening

CNC-controlled induction hardening plant and technology
Our Manufacturing Services

An innovative team working on delivering industry-first solutions

Our team is composed of the most dynamic problem solvers who collaborate in a highly technical environment. The diverse knowledge and expertise enable us to adopt the best practices from multiple disciplines to produce unique solutions and machines.
Our Team

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