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Mining equipment manufacturer NextOre is to dispatch its first commercial magnetic resonance (MR) truck analyser.

The CSIRO backed company has completed assembly and factory testing of what is claimed to be a world first MR truck analyser which build’s on the company’s on-conveyor analysis equipment.

The unit (pictured), measuring seven metres in diameter and designed to be suspended 10 meters over 180-tonne trucks, has been sold to its first customer and will be dispatched to a large copper mine overseas in March.

The analyser will be used to detect copper as chalcopyrite at a mine in Africa.

Silverwater, NSW-based company was founded in 2017 by shareholders CSIRO, RFC Ambrian and engineering company Worley for the commercialisation of magnetic resonance technology.

The company develops and supplies proprietary cutting-edge sensing solutions for copper, iron ore and gold miners to accurately measure the quality of their ore in real-time at very high tonnages.

NextOre developed the integrated system in partnership with primary Australian partners:

-CSIRO Sensing and Sorting, Mineral Resources – Magnetic resonance analyser
-UTS Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering – Master control software
-Eilbeck – Crane
-And Olitek – Feasibility.

Read more about this here at Australian Manufacturing Forum.

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