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Tynecat, Container Loader by Olitek, is now TyneLoader and Unveils New Logo

Brisbane, Australia – Olitek is excited to announce the refreshed brand of one of its products, the TyneLoader. This rebranding marks a new chapter in this product’s life and symbolizes the brand’s growth as an efficient and safe container loader.

TyneLoader, formerly called Tynecat, is a family of shipping container loading and unloading solutions developed by Olitek in 2005 to provide product manufacturers and transporters a damage-free and injury-free way to load fragile cargo into shipping containers.

tyneloader 12-metre loader

TyneLoader 12-metre Loader


tyneloader 12metre on tyneloader platform

TyneLoader attached to forklift on TyneLoader platform


The main product, the TyneLoader Container Loader, comes in 6-metre and 12-metre lengths to suit various container types and lengths and allows loads that are 2.4m wide and up to 28t in weight. It easily attaches to standard forklift vehicles to load long, palletised, or awkward-shaped products into shipping containers in a single shot.

Only a single operator is required for the entire loading process, reducing both personnel costs and the potential for injury as fewer people are required in the loading area. Loading can be completed in as little as ten minutes, reducing the significant costs associated with long load times.

What’s changed?

The name Tynecat and its logos, the former TyneLoader logo, the maroon and yellow brand colors will no longer represent TyneLoader products beginning April 2022.

tyneloader brand history timeline

TyneLoader brand history

While the brand has changed, TyneLoader continues to provide the same commitment to safety and efficiency and promise of high engineering quality and customer service over the years.

About TyneLoader

The TyneLoader container stuffing and de-stuffing system is a unique yet simple solution allowing efficient and safe cargo stuffing and de-stuffing into standard shipping containers to maximum capacity, for any type of freight including long, heavy, awkward shapes, fragile and delicate. Freight previously not possible or feasible to be shipped via standard shipping containers has been made viable with the TyneLoader Container Loading System.

To learn more about the TyneLoader, please visit www.olitek.com.au/shipping/TyneLoader or contact info@olitek.com.au.

TyneLoader is also on Linkedin and Facebook.

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